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 Congrats to the students from the Pennsbury Middle School Honors Band on their fantastic performance this past weekend- representatives from Boehm put on a great concert! The next honors band performance is May 16th as a part of the annual Band Festival at the Trenton War Memorial (Patriot’s Theater). For information about being involved in next year’s honors band contact Mr. Capriotti to see what you need to be able to do!

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Concert Information 


Concert Dress:
Men: White shirt black pants, dark tie. No jeans. All students must wear black dress shoes and socks. No
Ladies: White top, black bottom. Skirts must be long, at least down to mid-calf. Pants must be dressy. No
leggings or jeans. All students must wear black dress shoes. No sneakers.


Current Schedules are posted outside the band room at Boehm, and next to Mr. Bailey’s office in the music suite.
*Reminder: Snow Day means all the days get moved over, ex: Monday is supposed to be a Day 1 lesson day. Snow Day cancels school Monday, TUESDAY is now a Day 1 lesson, Wednesday becomes Day 2, etc. The lesson schedules posed at the music suite at school will have these date changes on them.

6th Grade Band
Day 2, Day 4 Resource period rehearsals

7th/8th Grade Band
Day 1, Day 3 Resource period rehearsals


Documents: (see band pages)


Mr. Bailey
215.428.4100  x70878

Mr. Capriotti


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