High School

At the high school level the curricular ensembles consist of a 9th grade concert band, a 10th through 12th grade concert band, a 10th through 12th grade auditioned symphonic wind ensemble, a 9th through 12th grade concert string orchestra, a 10th through 12th grade symphonic string orchestra and the Pennsbury Symphony Orchestra. The Pennsbury Symphony Orchestra will be made up of members of the Symphonic Winds and and Symphonic Orchestra. Performances of the curricular ensembles consists of at least two mandatory concerts each school year. The lesson component consists of two 15 minute individual lessons per quarter. There is a small ensemble/district workshop that meets during the EOP periods. The co-curricular offerings are 2 jazz ensembles (the Pennsbury Concert Jazz Band and the Pennsbury Jazz Lab Band), a marching band (the Long Orange Line Marching Band), and a theater orchestra.

Syllabus 2017-18