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Short Video, a MUST watch for instrumental parents

Teacher Information

Mr. Randle
Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School: Director of Bands
Teacher Contact Information:
Email: srandle@pennsburysd.org
Phone: 215-428-4100  x70880

Ms. Dobson
Orchestra Director:  Eleanor Roosevelt
Teacher Contact  Information:
Email: cdobson@pennsburysd.org
Phone: 215-428-4100  X51106

Day 5 Lessons are Strings
Day 4 Lessons are Advanced Band
Day 3 Lessons Beginner Band


Spring Concert Week
Spring concert week is a week’s worth of rehearsals culminating in an evening concert that displays what the students have learned throughout the year. During this week, please avoid scheduling vacations, doctors and dentists’ appointments, and any other activity that might exclude your child from participating. The dates listed below will help you in planning the year.