Elementary Schools

Elementary Honors Festival

The Elementary Honors Festival will occur as scheduled, this evening March 6th and tomorrow March 7th.



The Pennsbury School District offers instrumental music instruction in grades 4 through 12. Instruction is offered on flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, french horn, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, percussion, violin, viola, cello, bass and harp. There are two components to the program, large ensembles and a lesson component.

At the elementary level, lessons are offered once every five days on a rotating time schedule. The lessons are grouped homogeneously by instrument. The ensemble experience in elementary school is limited to a concert band and string orchestra, that runs from Mid-January until May, concluding with a performance at the annual spring concert of the individual elementary school. There is an elementary school honors orchestra and elementary school honors band for fifth grade students that perform a concert in the winter. Membership to the elementary honors band and orchestra are determined by a recommendation from the Pennsbury Instrumental Music Faculty.

A Letter to the Parents from the Coordinator

Dear Parents,
Congratulations on providing this truly wonderful experience of instrumental music for your child. Many educators share the opinion that playing an instrument provides numerous attributes, benefits, critical thinking skills, social developmental skills as well as an enormous amount of personal enjoyment for its participants. The purpose of this letter is to relay important information that should enhance your child’s instrumental music experience.

Lessons Information

All Elementary Lessons are on the 5 Day Elementary Schedule. This means that 1 day out of the 5 day elementary rotation schedule your child will need to bring in their instrument and lesson supplies to school. This also means that if a school day is cancelled due to inclement weather your child will have a lesson the following day. All Pennsbury Instrumental Music Lesson Times occur on a rotating basis so as to not affect the same classroom instruction time. Your child’s lesson will not occur at the same time every week. Please circle on your family calendar your child’s lesson days.

On your child’s lesson day they should bring in their instrument and instructional materials to school. Once in school, your child should store their instrument in the designated area, check the lesson schedule for their time and attend their lesson at the appropriate time. After their lesson, they return their instrument to the designated area and return to class. Music stands are at the schools and do not need to be brought into school. At the end of the school day, students should bring their instruments home. Instruments should never be left in school overnight for security reasons.

Lesson Schedules

  • Afton
  • Edgewood
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Fallsington
  • Makefield
  • Manor
  • Oxford Valley
  • Penn Valley
  • Quarry Hill
  • Village Park
  • Walt Disney


Practicing is absolutely essential to learning a musical instrument. I have heard it blatantly stated “if you practice you will be successful and if you don’t – you won’t (pardon the double negative)!

Instrumental Music is the first time in your child’s educational career where teacher instruction occurs only one out of every five days. This places the major portion of learning on the individual student. In instrumental music, like sports, you are developing muscle and coordination skills, and therefore, daily practice is essential.

This is a brand new activity and your child may need some initial parental guidance in setting up his or her daily practice routine. Consistent times, as well as a designated “practice area”aid drastically in their development. A daily 15-20 minute practice time, 5 to 6 days a week, is recommended. Your child is never without homework. Teachers generally will mark a date on the lesson book of the work they are currently doing. Supplemental exercises may be added and may require a portion of daily repetition. If your child is absent and misses their scheduled lesson, he/she will continue to practice the current lesson until they see their teacher again.


If your child’s instrument is in need of repair, bring the instrument in to their instrumental music teacher. If you are leasing an instrument from Music and Arts, Inc., all repairs are covered under the terms of your lease agreement and your child’s teacher will see that the instrument is delivered to Music and Arts for the repair. Music and Arts, Inc. – 1-800-347-1116.

If you own your child’s instrument and the instrument is in need of repair, have your child also bring the instrument in to your child’s instrumental music teacher. Please include a note stating that the instrument is in need of repair and that you give permission for the instrument to be sent out for repair. Please put your name and contact information on the note. Your child’s music teacher will deliver the instrument to the Music and Arts representative. Music and Arts will contact you with a cost estimate and will seek your approval prior to making the repair. If you approve, the work will be done and the instrument returned to school. The process may take from one to two weeks.

Musical Supplies

If your child needs music supplies such as reeds, valve oil, cork grease, slide treatment, rosin and strings they may purchase them from the instrumental music teacher at school. The cost is $1.00 per item.

Discontinuing Lessons

If your child decides to discontinue their instrument please contact your child’s instrumental music teacher for a discussion. Our outstanding faculty have provided strategies resulting in a revitalization of a student’s interest.

It is my sincere pleasure to serve both you and your child in this exciting aspect of their education.